Our Team

Watersedge Founding Members

Rob Waters

Rob founded Watersedge Dental Laboratory to offer more than high-quality products: its “raison d’être” was to give doctors the calm confidence they need to deliver perfection to their patients. With over thirty years of experience in dental technology, Robert knows that the best way for any doctor to navigate new and unfamiliar waters is with an experienced guide. His focus on implant restoration has provided a knowledge base that many dental professionals have come to trust – often calling him in for chair-side assistance during delicate restoration procedures. Many of Watersedge’s clients have followed Robert throughout his career at many different laboratories in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, where he has held both management and production roles. At the age of eighteen, Robert acquired his first laboratory job, polishing crowns, pouring models, and delivering cases. His natural ability to absorb and implement the scientific principles and engineering skills required to be successful in the industry is attributed to his engineer father. At the same time his strong work ethic and individual care for the patient, colleague, and client, are accredited to his mother. As a dedicated father and stepfather to five grown children, some of whom follow in his footsteps and work alongside him, Robert is living the “Canadian Dream” with his wife Suzanne and the family dog Harrison in their home in Carleton Place, Ontario.

Suzanne Waters

During her 20 years in the dental industry, Suzanne has become a true believer that the first step in delivering an outstanding client experience is taking exceptional care of the service delivery team.

As Office Manager, Treasurer and Corporate Secretary, Suzanne spends her days making sure that the entire team is entirely focused on delivering unparalleled customer service to you, the clients of Watersedge Dental Laboratory.

An Ottawa native, mother of two and stepmother to three more, Suzanne graduated from Belcourt High School and received her Certificate in Legal Assisting from Algonquin College. She added a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Sociology from the University of Ottawa. Finally, she rounded out her education by completing her certificate as a Medical Administrative Assistant.

Whatever spare time she finds these days are mostly spent at home in Carleton Place, enjoying time with her husband Robert, and the family’s enthusiastic Chocolate Labradors, Harrison and Chester.

Department Heads

Shawn Parisien RDT

Laboratory Manager

As Laboratory Manager, my responsibilities include the management of our workflow processes, team and product development as well as customer relations and business development. The broad scope of responsibility for a rapidly growing company means that I am always very busy, and that’s where I thrive. On any given day, you might find me in the lab at a bench, chairside with a client or speaking at an educational event with one of our partners. My passion for the industry is matched only by my love for the outdoors, and I enjoy the challenges I face daily as much as I enjoy the challenge of a new mountain to climb. I’m excited to see what the next adventure in my personal or professional life will be with my partner Anna and our two kids.

Jason Bowles

Crown & Bridge

My position involves overseeing substructure manufacture and acting as the primary point of contact for doctors who have questions about restoring implants. I’m often chairside helping a clinician become accustomed to guided implant surgery or handling an immediate denture conversion to be implant-supported. I work hard to stay current on any new developments in this growing field so that I can offer doctors guidance as they enter or expand their involvement in implant restoration. After work, I enjoy being in the great outdoors and spending time with my wife Kelly and my sons Hunter and Bryce.

Damir Stemberger


As an engineer, I am innately driven by precision. At Watersedge Dental Laboratory, I supervise the high technology CAD/CAM department, which keeps me engaged and fulfilled daily. Working with great companies on the cutting edge of our industry, I am always on the lookout for the next exciting development. Milling and scanning technologies, both in the laboratory and in the operatory, have permanently changed how we do things. I can’t wait to see what’s next on the horizon and introduce the best the future offers to our clients. In my spare time, I enjoy building and repairing guitar amplifiers and listening to classic rock.

Arnold Abrera


While many people might choose to disagree, removables continue to play a significant role in our industry. My team handles everything from simple appliances like acrylic partials to complicated implant restorations. The need of local doctors for same-day service on denture repairs and relines keeps us extremely busy, but we are always happy to get patients their smiles back before suppertime! In my free time, I enjoy updating my professional and technical skills to pass along that information to my team. I feel passionate about mentoring my team and sharing knowledge to deliver an exceptional product to our clients. Last but most certainly not least, I am a proud father of two young children. We keep busy by driving them to their sports games, and every Sunday, we go to church as a family to stay in touch with our faith.

Fatima Mercado


I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with many patients at the laboratory for our consulting services. It’s always lovely to meet and get to know who will be wearing the new smile that my team and I are helping to create. I encourage all our clients to take advantage of the colour matching service we provide – it’s the best way to be sure that we’ve done everything possible for a predictable case outcome. I am also very family orientated. In my free time, I like to engage in social activities with my Husband, family, and friends.

Suzanne Waters


I have always been passionate about Customer Service. Creating a strong business relationship is about more than just the transaction; it’s about the overall experience from the first point of contact to the final sale. I know how I want to be treated and how I want to feel when I’m the customer in the marketplace, and that is why I train and supervise our front line staff to be beyond courteous and responsive.

Tijana Gligoric RDT

Quality Assurance

My primary role as one of the technical leads at Watersedge is to troubleshoot any case complications. I spend much of my day on the phone with our clients to brainstorm solutions and also work closely with our technical team to ensure that communication is clear, and everyone understands their responsibilities. As an RDT in the Province of Ontario, it’s also my responsibility to ensure that all the cases leaving the laboratory have been adequately fabricated and checked to ensure that they are of the best possible quality. In my spare time, I enjoy all sorts of activities with my husband and our wonderful children.