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Let Watersedge be your guide into the exciting future of Digital Dentistry.

What is digital dentistry? It simply refers to the use of digital dental technology in dentistry procedures, rather than using mechanical or electrical tools. There isn’t much in a dental laboratory or practice that isn’t augmented with computers or digital technology, from creating dental appliances from digital dental scans, to mapping out full restorations and teeth implants.

Digital dentistry techniques have come a long way, and the dental solutions available today that use the latest technology are improving patient care in new ways. Maintaining an in-depth understanding of digital dentistry innovations is what sets Watersedge apart and helps us deliver a wonderful patient experience.

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Watersedge – Certified Dental Technicians

The team at Watersedge has the experience and knowledge to deliver perfection to their patients. As a fully digital dental lab that’s family-owned and operated, we serve hundreds of dentists in Ottawa and the surrounding area. 

Not only can we receive any digital scan from any platform you currently use, but Watersedge offers direct support and guidance as you integrate these new technologies into your practice. As industry leaders bring these new technologies and processes into our community, the experts at Watersedge put them to the test, ensuring that only the very best developments get brought to you.

Onsite milling and 3D printing ensure the fastest possible turnaround on your digital workflow, without the costly additional fees levied by many in our industry for handling your digital files.

Digital Dentistry Certifications

iTero Certified Partner Laboratory

If you have integrated the iTero scanning technology into your practice, we can help you fully leverage the system and maximize its value. Watersedge is an iTero Certified Partner Laboratory.

Sirona Connect Certified Lab Partner

In addition to utilizing Sirona Connect orders for crowns and bridges, we can also use the inLab system to create custom abutments and models based on digital implant impressions.

Digital Dental Lab FAQ

Digital dental techniques offer many benefits, including:

  • Efficiency and accuracy: removable prosthetics or other orthodontic appliances can be made quickly and precisely with CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) technology. 
  • Immediate feedback: Rather than waiting days or even weeks for feedback from a laboratory, you can send your patients’ dental scans off to the lab to verify while they’re still sitting in the chair.
  • Patient well being and satisfaction: digital radiography entails lower radiation than traditional x-rays. The process of fitting and scanning is almost more comfortable for the patient.
  • Simplified recordkeeping: Digital records can include 3D models of patients’ teeth, which saves orthodontists a huge amount of space by storing records on a USB stick instead of plaster molds.

3D imaging is a faster, more reliable process to scan a patient’s mouth. The scanner captures teeth, soft tissue, and the jaw, so your dental specialist can get a comprehensive view of your oral health. The images are used for diagnosing dental issues, placing dental implants, identifying problem areas, and planning root canals and extractions.

CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) dentistry is the use of computers and machinery to improve and create the design and fit of orthodontic appliances.

CAD/CAM technologies are quickly becoming more integrated into both the dental laboratory and operatory setting. The technology increases the efficiency of many processes by eliminating challenging to control variables and yet yields the same or superior results to what the traditional approach would have.

Navigating the increasingly fast-paced world of our industry’s changing landscape can be a challenge. Watersedge is committed to the careful selection of the technologies that we utilize and recommend.

Partnering with Watersedge is a reliable asset that allows our clients to move calmly and confidently into the future.

Watersedge is an Ottawa dental lab with a difference. With a full range of digital dentistry equipment and a team of 42 employees (including several full-time delivery drivers), Watersedge is much better prepared to serve you than any of the smaller-scale labs in the Ottawa area.

Our employees are trained and certified in up-to-date dental technology such as iTero and Sirona Connect. We encourage knowledge-sharing among our staff, and your practice will have access to an extensive pool of professional knowledge and experience. We are also willing to research unusual cases and welcome challenging cases. 

You will need help as you transition to digital dentistry. Watersedge is open to answering all your questions and providing the benefit of our experience. We will modify our workflow to make it easier for any dentist to quickly get what they need. For example, we are happy to accept your old impressions and then work with you as you adopt new digital scanning techniques, ensuring you get the results both you and your patients demand.

Digital Image Capture for Design Approval Available

A picture can speak a thousand words. Before fabricating a restoration or appliance, we can digitally capture an image of your case and send it to you for review. The digital age in which we live has enabled us to communicate with our clients like never before. Excellent communication leads to predictable results. One of our favourite quotes at Watersedge comes from George Bernard Shaw “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”