The Removable Department of Watersedge Lab brings a wealth of expertise that our clients have consistently praised.

Working closely with the Fixed Restoration Department at the early stages of treatment ensures that the most complicated combination cases are predictably successful.

Our talented team expertly handles everything from a fast-turnaround repair or reline to an implant-supported hybrid denture.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures can prove to be quite challenging from both a functional and esthetic standpoint. In trying to optimize the fit and look from the first moment, the team at Watersedge Dental Laboratory works closely with clients throughout the multiple stages of preparation – preliminary impressions, final impressions, try-in and case delivery. We take those opportunities to improve on the design and maximize the comfort and utility that the patient gets from the moment the case is delivered.

Partial Dentures

Carefully planned and designed, the cast partial frames you’ll receive from Watersedge will meet the highest standard for function and esthetics. An excellent option for your partially-edentulous patients, the full-service facility at Watersedge can design and deliver a brilliant combination case utilizing the very best in attachment digital denture technology to enhance the restoration’s esthetic outcome.