Why Us

Our Mission

As valued and responsible members of our clients’ dental team, the Watersedge staff are committed to delivering high-quality products and services consistently. A high standard of care is consistently achieved through the implementation of precise production protocols and active communication.

We will continue to work with leading industry manufacturers and education providers. Through our pursuit of skill development and material exploration, we remain a primary resource for technical expertise and effective treatment planning.

While fulfilling our essential role in treating patients, we strive to deliver nothing but the best in customer service experiences, treating all persons with whom we interact with respect and care. Each member of our team takes personal ownership of our mission and the products we produce.

High Competency - High Touch

Once our vision for Watersedge Dental Laboratory was clear, we had to define what it would mean operationally. The phrase “High Competency – High Touch” resonated with us.

High Competency

To deliver high competency, we began by assembling an incredibly talented team; their expertise and experience would serve as the foundation. We continue to build upon that sound technical foundation through active and ongoing investment in the team’s skills, which allows us to deliver exceptional quality and precision with our clinical work consistently.

High Touch

Concerning our commitment to high touch, two critical elements needed to exist: support and service.


To offer exceptional support to the practices that we work with, one of the first things needed was to be highly responsive to our clients questions and concerns. We decided that an investment in continuing education would allow our team to provide the right answers whenever needed.

Second, we needed to make ourselves available for in-office visits and patient consultations. In that respect, we have had tremendously positive feedback from the practices that work with us.


Finally, we knew that we needed to support our products with an exceptional level of service. That meant that we would always strive to be predictable and dependable with our delivery schedules and that our delivery team would get trained to be courteous and non-disruptive. As well, our billing department would make all efforts to be accurate, responsive, pleasant and helpful at all times. We service all over Ontario and parts of Quebec, like Belleville, Kingston, Carleton Place and Kemptville for example.

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place".

George Bernard Shaw