Utilizing a perfect blend of our cutting-edge on-site technologies and age-old artisan techniques mastered by our group of technicians, your Crown and Bridge cases will deliver the aesthetics, function and long-term performance that your patients deserve.

Each of your cases is carefully evaluated to ensure that the production protocol and material selection are conducive to the best possible outcome.

Dental implants have gained traction within the dental community as the treatment of choice for replacing missing teeth. At Watersedge Dental Laboratory, Robert Waters, Jason Bowles and their team have committed themselves to offer a comprehensive suite of restorative options to ensure that our clients’ needs are thoroughly addressed.

CAD-CAM Abutments

We offer customized CAD-CAM processed custom abutments that allow for a more refined prosthetic design. The emergence profile of restorations produced on custom abutments is far superior to that of restorations fabricated on stock abutments. The abutments are available in Metal, Titanium and Zirconia.

Milled Titanium Implant Bars for Overdentures

Milled from a solid block of Titanium alloy, the passive fit of a milled bar surpasses anything that we were able to achieve with the ‘lost wax’ production modality, ensuring the long term viability of the implants. The milled titanium substructures can be designed for either a patient-removable or a fixed hybrid design. The incorporation of familiar attachments like Locator and CEKA into the removable type of bar design allows for simple chairside long-term maintenance of the attachment system. You now have full flexibility to plan your case around your clinical requirements and patient expectations.

All Ceramic

We offer a range of ceramic crown and bridge restorations that can meet our clients’ functional and esthetic requirements and personal preferences. We work with the systems of many different manufacturers to provide the selections that our clients demand.

e.max Press and Mill Available

We make the IPS e.max system available to our clients that would like to have their restorations either pressed or milled with this innovative all-ceramic system. We use the e.max Press system to create single tooth restorations ranging from veneers, bridges (up to three units), inlays, onlays and crowns. The lithium disilicate glass-ceramic allows for excellent and natural esthetics while providing incredible durability and strength.

For more information on this innovative system, please refer directly to the Ivoclar Vivadent site.

Layered Zirconia Restorations

We use high strength Zirconia for frameworks when the case requires the core strength of ‘Ceramic Steel’ and the esthetic vitality of layered ceramics. Results are highly functional, durable and have a high esthetic value. Applications include long-span bridges, implant restorations and anterior teeth with functional Zirconia occlusal surfaces.

Full Contour Zirconia Restorations

The full-contour Zirconia restorations are ideal when durability is essential. When first introduced years ago, full contour Zirconia was regarded only as an alternative to full metal crowns. The advancement in esthetic value now encourages the consideration of prescribing full-contour Zirconia as an alternative to posterior PFM’s. Predictable and cost-effective, consider full-contour Zirconia restorations made at Watersedge for your practice.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

Tried and true, the PFM crown offers the combined strength and durability of the supporting metal substructure and the esthetic appeal of the fused porcelain surface.

Highly aesthetic and time-proven reliability

The outer porcelain veneer allows our team to manipulate the shading and translucency precisely to accurately mimic the anatomy of the patient’s surrounding natural teeth. PFM restorations have withstood the test of time and still make up a large segment of the fixed restorations we produce and are the “go-to” product for many doctors.

Non-precious, semi-precious and precious alloy options

A wide selection of dental-grade alloy options is available to meet any specific requirement. Durability based on restorative design, and biocompatibility for sensitive patients are factors taken into consideration for alloy selection. IdentAlloy stickers with full element breakdown are included for your records with every metal-based restoration.

Combination and semi-precision attachment options available

One of the most significant benefits to the full-service philosophy and business practice at Watersedge is the ability to produce precise fitting combination cases. Crowns carefully surveyed and designed with incorporated attachments can eliminate the need for cast partial clasps. The cross-department expertise at Watersedge and active communication between the technical team during production is conducive to the exacting manufacture of these delicately engineered restorations. Precision in our manufacturing protocols results in a predictable outcome for these patient-pleasing restorations.

Full Metal Restoration

Full metal restorations, the original high-durability crown, are still a popular choice for many patients and practitioners. Their highly polished surface and seamless marginal integrity are primary reasons for the long term durability of full metal restorations. A full selection of alloy grades is available for any application.

Brilliantly Beautiful and High Performance

Despite their inability to blend into their surroundings, full metal restorations possess an elegant beauty, which has allowed this restorative option to maintain a presence despite more discrete alternatives. The careful sculpting of these restorations by the technical artisans at Watersedge provides an accurate duplication of the surrounding tooth morphology. Even in limited clearance situations, precise occlusal design and unparalleled marginal integrity will keep metal restorations a critical component in treatment plans for many years to come.

Non-Precious, Semi-Precious and Precious Alloy Options

Watersedge Dental Laboratory offers premium alloys from reputable manufacturers in North America that are entirely Health Canada approved, ensuring that treatment plans are offered that would fit varying restorative needs.

Watersedge does not outsource to offshore manufacturers, which allows for the strict oversight of materials used to manufacture our offerings. You and your patients deserve nothing but the very best. Your patients trust you to be sure of the safety of what you are delivering, and you can trust in Watersedge.

Diagnostic Waxup

Watersedge Dental Laboratory works closely with our clients during the treatment planning phase of complicated or cosmetically-sensitive cases. Pre-treatment diagnostic wax-ups ensure that all appropriate and necessary planning and preparatory work is completed prior to bur meeting tooth. We develop beautiful wax-ups for case studies, temporary fabrication, preparation guides, implant surgical guides, and the single most powerful tool, for patient presentation.

Wax-up for Case Presentation and Study

Watersedge Dental Laboratory can provide the wax-ups that allow for the presentation of the envisioned and predicted smile in cases where it is needed or desired. Pre-treatment study models, a specific treatment plan, bite registrations, portrait photographs and any insight into your patient’s expectations allow for accurate development of the diagnostic. Careful attention is paid to the functional occlusal scheme to ensure that we depict a realistic view of the expected outcome. Full diagnostic reports are included with every completed case, highlighting not only the treatment applied but also items you should be aware of as we move forward with the treatment. Try the diagnostic wax-up services at Watersedge and watch your treatment acceptance rates elevate even higher.