Your patient’s are in great hands at Watersedge.

We know that your patient’s experience at Watersedge plays a significant role in their overall experience. As such, our team works hard to create a delightful experience for anyone who enters our doors. You can trust that whether they’re here for a shade matching or a treatment consultation, we’ll treat your patients with the care and respect that they deserve.

Custom Shade and Stain

Crown manufacture is a delicate blend of science and artistry. At the core of the craft, we develop functional, optimized and viable solutions for the long term. Strides in technology have allowed us to truly focus on esthetics as much as functionality. To achieve the optimal result, we recreate lifelike shading and anatomy that doesn’t merely look like typical teeth should, but rather like the specific teeth that surround the restoration in your patient’s mouth. It is for this reason that we offer and encourage you to take advantage of our Custom Shade and Custom Stain services.

Same Day Custom Shade Appointments Welcomed

We appreciate that patients who have allocated a portion of their day for their dental appointment want to have all of the details ironed out that same day. We will make every attempt to accommodate same-day Custom Shade appointment requests.