Dental Implants in Ottawa

Dental Implants Ottawa

Watersedge Dental Laboratory provides trusted and top-quality dental implant services to Ottawa dentists!

Perfect placement of dental implants ensures favourable results and a positive experience for your patients. Watersedge Dental Laboratory partners with you to provide the most efficient, accurate and technically advanced solutions available today.

Our highly trained technicians, proficient with all dental implant systems and materials, serve as your technical resource and guide. We provide restorative dentistry and surgical consultations spanning all levels of case complexity.

Dental Implant Systems

Choice of dental implant system is driven by the needs of the patient and the complexity of each case.

Having received extensive training from all major dental implant manufacturers, our technicians work with any restorative system and are available for consultation during the implant selection process. We can help you navigate the nuances of implant solutions such as:

All on Four

All on Four

The use of four implants to support a full arch of replacement teeth.

All on X

Terminology used when the number and position of implants is determined by the volume and quality of existing bone.

Teeth in a Day: Any same-day dental implant procedure which incorporates the removal of compromised teeth, implant surgery, and the placement of temporary teeth.

Teeth in a Day

Any same-day dental implant procedure which incorporates the removal of compromised teeth, implant surgery, and the placement of temporary teeth.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation / Reconstruction / Restoration

Full Mouth Restoration

Terms used interchangeably to describe the process of rebuilding or simultaneously restoring all teeth in both the upper and lower jaws.

Dental Implant Materials

To accommodate your patient’s unique requirements, Watersedge Dental Laboratory offers traditional titanium implants, as well as non-metal materials, including zirconia (similar to custom abutments).

Typically presented as one-piece components, zirconia implants demand a specialized level of care. Should it be the material of choice, we offer insights and strategies (such as the use of a surgical guide) to address the limitations zirconia poses.

Pre-Treatment Planning

Complicated scenarios warrant proper planning. Therefore, we value the proactive discussions and case analysis that lead to procedural success.

We transfer CT scans and dental implant impressions of the proposed surgical site into our in-house software system during the pre-treatment phase, where they are then evaluated in a virtual reality environment. By starting with the end goal in mind (optimal placement of teeth), we carefully reverse engineer the process. This method allows us to make implant suggestions, identify the ideal placement, and produce surgical guides if needed.

The result is a safe and predictable procedure for both the doctor and the patient.

Guided Surgical Devices

Guided Surgical DevicesSurgical guides have forever transformed cosmetic dentistry. They have become a cornerstone of our pre-treatment planning process, and we highly recommend their use to all dental partners who present with complex cases.

We’ve invested in advanced in-house technologies that produce guided surgical devices which (when placed over a patient’s teeth) remove any question of where, at what angle, or how deep an implant should be placed.

This extra step will put your patient’s mind at ease as surgical guides not only ensure accurate implant placement but also reduce the time required for surgery.

Partnership and Collaboration With Ottawa Dentists

As a full-service laboratory, Watersedge combines science, technology, expertise, and artistry to fabricate the highest-quality appliances and implants available. We jointly collaborate with our dentistry partners to reduce the occurrence of oral complications and improve the standard of care. 

A Trusted Dental Implant Resource in the Ottawa Area

We strive to develop industry-wide expertise. No question is too small, and no case is too difficult. Whatever your needs are, we’re here to help (at no additional charge).

We’ll virtually plan intricate dental implant surgeries for you and fabricate guided surgical devices that create a seamless process. Our experts are also available to assist in the operatory to make sure any implant procedure runs smoothly.

Send us the surgical report. From the impression stage, through restorative fabrication, to the delivery of that restoration, our technicians can guide you every step along the way to successfully restore the implant.

We’re happy to provide in-house guidance or provide training at your office location.

Dental tourism is on the rise. Bring us an x-ray; we’ll identify the implant system and tell you if it can be legally restored in Canada.

Why Choose Watersedge As Your Dental Implant Lab?

There are many reasons to choose Watersedge as your Ottawa dental implant laboratory.

In the late 90s, Robert Waters, founder of Watersedge Dental Laboratory, recognized the importance of implant restorations to our industry. He pursued and completed prosthetic and surgical programs under Dr. Carl Misch without the intention of placing an implant but rather to fully understand the challenges that surgeons and restorative dentists face.

He has passed this knowledge onto the talented staff at Watersedge Dental Laboratory so that his team can see things from a clinician’s perspective and help in ways other dental laboratories cannot.

Why Choose Watersedge As Your Dental Implant Lab?

Comprehensive Support and Service

Dedicated to providing exceptional support and customer service, we do everything in our power to respect your time.

We understand how difficult it can be to accommodate a phone call during an otherwise hectic day at the office. When you reach out to us, any one of our four Quality Assurance team members can assist you because each has access to, and is aware of, every case we handle.

Dental Implant Services in Ottawa