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We invite you to take a few minutes to get to know our highly experienced team, the services that we offer and the unique approach that we have adopted as a full service dental laboratory. For more in-depth information, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a private visit and consultation.

Bring you and your practice to the Watersedge and take all uncertainty out of the equation!


Inside and Outside the Box

Watersedge Dental Lab

As we all know, the dental lab products we produce are delivered to you in little boxes. If for some reason the content of those boxes is not precisely what was requested and expected, your job becomes more difficult and your patient’s experience is less than superlative.

It is exactly for those reasons that Watersedge Dental Lab has built its full laboratory service vision to fulfill two very clear objectives:

  • Deliver an exceptional and consistent product inside the box
  • Deliver an outstanding customer experience and provide the ultimate in support outside the box

The next two sections in this part of the site will give you some insight into our vision and philosophy. However, the truth is that you’ll never get a sense of how much we adhere to these philosophies from a website. We invite you to come experience it for yourself at our beautiful and modern facility. Connect directly with Robert or Suzanne Waters and schedule a time to visit; our door is always open! If you would prefer to have us introduce ourselves in person at your office, we would be more than happy to accommodate, just contact us to arrange an appropriate time for the meeting.

Watersedge Vision

Watersedge Dental Lab

When we were discussing the type of dental laboratory that we wanted to build, three things came to mind: excellent and consistent clinical work, outstanding operational support, and impeccable service. It seemed natural that each of those cornerstones would have their rightful place in the laboratory that we envisioned.

Delivering on all three elements would inevitably allow the dentists and their teams to approach their cases with even more ease and confidence.

With ease, confidence and comfort comes calm - we realized that CALM was our vision. We wanted to allow our dentists and their teams to Experience The Calm so that they could focus on what they do best – taking excellent care of their patients.

High Competency - High Touch

Watersedge Dental Lab

Once our vision for Watersedge Dental Laboratory was clear, we had to define what it would mean operationally. The phrase “High Competency – High Touch” resonated with us.

High Competency

In order to deliver high competency, we began by assembling an incredibly talented team; their expertise and experience would serve as the foundation. We continue to build upon that sound technical foundation through active and ongoing investment in the continuous development of the team’s skills. This allows us to consistently deliver exceptional quality and precision with our clinical work.

High Touch

With respect to our commitment to high touch, two critical elements needed to exist: support and service.


In order to offer exceptional support to the practices that we work with, one of the first things needed was the ability to be highly responsive and answer any and all questions as quickly as possible. We decided that an investment in continuing education would allow our team to provide the right answers whenever needed.

Second, we needed to make ourselves available for in-office visits and patient consultations. In that respect, we have had tremendously positive feedback from the practices that we've worked with.


Finally, we knew that we needed to support our products with an exceptional level of service. That meant that we would always strive to be predictable and dependable with our delivery schedules, and that our delivery team would be well trained to be courteous and non-disruptive. As well, our billing department would make all efforts to be accurate, responsive, pleasant and helpful at all times.

Watersedge Founding Team

Rob Waters

Watersedge Dental Lab

Rob founded Watersedge Dental Laboratory in order to offer more than high quality products: its “raison d’être” was to give doctors the calm confidence they need to deliver perfection to their own patients. With over twenty five years of experience in dental technology, Robert knows that the best way for any doctor to navigate new and unfamiliar waters is with an experienced guide. His focus on implant restoration has provided a knowledge base that many dental professionals have come to trust - often calling him in for chair-side assistance during delicate restoration procedures.>

Most of Watersedge’s clients have followed Robert throughout his career at many different laboratories in the Ottawa-Gatineau region where he has held both management and production roles. At the age of eighteen, Robert acquired his first laboratory job, polishing crowns, pouring models, and delivering cases. His natural ability to absorb and implement the scientific principles and engineering skills required to be successful in the industry is attributed to his engineer father, while his strong work ethic and individual care for the patient, colleague, and client, are accredited to his mother.

As a dedicated father and stepfather to five grown children, some of whom follow in his footsteps and work alongside him, Robert is living the “Canadian Dream” with his wife Suzanne and the family dog Harrison in their home in Carleton Place, Ontario.

Leo Boersch

Watersedge Dental Lab

Leo is the Head of the Quality Assurance Department at Watersedge. As part of his daily duties, he rigorously inspects every product that leaves the laboratory. He adheres to a unique quality assurance protocol that he developed to meet his meticulous standards.

He is a Registered Dental Technologist in the Province of Ontario and brings with him over 37 years of experience in delivering high-quality restorative services to dental professionals in Europe and North America. Leo was formally trained in Germany and acquired his RDT designation in Canada from the College of Dental Technologists of Ontario in 1996.

Leo is a passionate scuba diver with a Master Diver certification. He can be found on most summer weekends travelling Ontario’s highways in his RV with his wife Dagmar and their two cats. The happy family currently calls Barrhaven, Ontario home.

Suzanne Waters

Watersedge Dental Lab

During her 20 years in the dental industry, Suzanne has become a true believer that the first step in delivering an exceptional client experience is taking exceptional care of the service delivery team.

As Office Manager, Treasurer and Corporate Secretary, Suzanne spends her days making sure that the entire team is completely focused on delivering unparalleled customer service to you, the clients of Watersedge Dental Laboratory.

An Ottawa native, mother of two and stepmother to three more, Suzanne graduated from Belcourt High School and went on to receive her Certificate in Legal Assisting from Algonquin College. To that, she added a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Sociology from the University of Ottawa. Finally, she rounded out her education by completing her certificate as a Medical Administrative Assistant.

Whatever spare time she finds these days is mostly spent at home in Carleton Place, enjoying time with her husband Robert, and the family’s enthusiastic Chocolate Labrador, Harrison.

Department Heads

Watersedge Dental Lab

Crown & Bridge

Jason Bowles

My position involves the overseeing of substructure manufacturing and acting as the primary point of contact for doctors who have questions about restoring implants. I work hard to stay current on any new developments in this growing field so that I can offer guidance to doctors as they enter or expand their involvement in implant restoration. After work I enjoy being in the great outdoors and spending time with my wife Kelly and son Hunter.

Watersedge Dental Lab


Damir Stemberger

As an engineer I am innately driven by precision. At Watersedge Dental Laboratory, I am responsible for supervising the high technology CAD/CAM department and this keeps me engaged and fulfilled on a daily basis. Working with great companies that are on the cutting edge of our industry, I am always on the lookout for the next exciting development. Milling and scanning technologies, both in the laboratory and in the operatory, have permanently changed the way in which we do things. I can’t wait to see what’s next on the horizon and introduce the best the future has to offer to our clients. In my spare time I enjoy building and repairing guitar amplifiers and listening to classic rock.

Watersedge Dental Lab


Arnold Abrera

While many people may disagree, removables continue to play a large role in our industry. My team handles everything from simple appliances like bleaching trays and sportsguards to complicated implant restorations and design-specific bruxism appliances. The need of local doctors for same-day service on denture repairs and relines keeps us extremely busy at times, but we are always happy to get patients their smile back before suppertime! In my free time I enjoy updating my professional and technical skills so I can pass along that information to my team. I feel passionate about mentoring my team and sharing knowledge with my colleagues in an effort to deliver an exceptional product to our clients. Last but most certainly not least, I am a proud father of two young children. We keep busy by driving them to their sports games and every Sunday we go to church as a family in order to keep in touch with our Catholic faith.

Watersedge Dental Lab


Fatima Mercado

I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to meet with many patients at the laboratory for our Custom Shade and Stain service. It’s always nice to meet and get to know the person who will be wearing the new smile that my team and I are helping to create. I encourage all our clients to take advantage of the colour matching service we provide – it’s the best way to be sure that we’ve done everything possible for a predictable case outcome. I am also very family orientated. In my free time I like to engage in social activities with my Husband, family, and friends.

Watersedge Dental Lab


Suzanne Waters

Customer Service is something I have always been very passionate about. Creating a strong business relationship is about more than just the transaction, it’s about the overall experience from the first point of contact to the final sale. I know how I want to be treated and how I want to feel when I’m the customer in the marketplace and that is why I train and supervise our front line staff to be beyond courteous and responsive.

Watersedge Dental Lab

Quality Assurance

Leo Boersch RDT

I have personally developed the protocols that we have in place for evaluating the products that we manufacture. My role is to ensure that every item that our team produces meets or exceeds all of our standards before it goes out to our clients. I offer guidance to our talented team and also handle many of the technical questions from our clients. I work very closely with Rob Waters on developing the business as well as developing the skills of our team. Having worked at many different types of laboratories throughout my career, I can honestly say that what we are doing at Watersedge is truly exceptional for our team, our clients and their patients.

Areas of Expertise

In establishing Watersedge Dental Laboratory, Robert Waters and the rest of the founding team had the goal of developing a full service lab. In order to accomplish this, they have put together a robust group of twenty two people with diverse areas of expertise and interests. This approach allowed the team to immediately address the vast majority of our clients’ needs.

What follows is a brief cross-section of the services that we offer, but we always welcome the opportunity to further discuss your and your patients’ particular needs. Call us at 613-680-6016 or send us an email at info@watersedgedentallab.com and we will schedule a time to meet.

Dental Implants

Watersedge Dental Lab

Implants have gained traction within the dental community as the treatment of choice for replacing missing teeth. At Watersedge Dental Laboratory, Robert Waters, Jean Belizaire and their team have committed themselves to offering a comprehensive suite of restorative options to ensure that our clients’ needs are completely addressed.

CAD-CAM Abutments

We offer CAD-CAM processed abutments that have been customized to allow for a more refined prosthetic design. Emergence profile of restorations produced on custom abutments is far superior to that of restorations fabricated on stock abutments. The abutments are available in Metal, Titanium and Zirconia.

Milled Titanium Implant Bars for Overdentures

Milled from a solid block of Titanium alloy, the passive fit of a milled bar surpasses anything that we were able to achieve with the ‘lost wax’ production modality, ensuring the long term viability of the implants. The milled titanium substructures can be designed for either a patient-removable or a fixed hybrid design. The incorporation of familiar attachments like Locator and CEKA into the removable type of bar design allows for simple chairside long-term maintenance of the attachment system. You now have full flexibility to plan your case around your clinical requirements and patient expectations.

Advanced Treatment Planning and Case Consultation

Beyond the provision of the dental implants and related products, the team at Watersedge Dental Laboratory will be available to you as a resource throughout the treatment planning phase as well as during the manufacture and delivery phase. We will be happy to discuss with you the alternatives that you are considering and share the wealth of experience that our team has accrued over the years. Beyond that, we are happy to consult on individual cases directly with the patients. We know the challenge of finding the time in your practice to present all the possible implant restorative options to your patients. We encourage our clients to avail themselves of the patient education resource at Watersedge. Once a patient is thoroughly informed, treatment acceptance is the next logical step. Patient consultations can take place at our warm and welcoming facility or at your own office. Please call for additional information on this valuable resource.

Chairside Support

In dentistry, especially implant dentistry, there can be some truly complex and difficult cases. In those situations, Robert and other members of the team are available to observe and/or assist in your operatory or stay as an available resource to you in your reception area during the appointment. If a question comes to mind, the team member is immediately available for discrete consultation. This is a service that we are happy to offer and that we have used successfully in the past on many occasions. For many Watersedge clients, implant restoration is slightly outside of their comfort zone, and a personal guide can elevate confidence and assure success.

Treatment Estimates Available

Watersedge Dental Laboratory is able to prepare accurate cost estimates for even the most complicated plans using the treatment parameters that are provided. Presenting the estimated laboratory costs for each phase when presenting a treatment plan empowers your patients to be able to budget and plan for the future.

Removable Restorations

Watersedge Dental Lab

Removable restorations still play a prominent role within most practice’s service portfolios. Whether replacing missing teeth, protecting existing ones or changing occlusal habits, Watersedge Dental Laboratory will be able to assist in preparing the removable restorations that you need.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures can prove to be quite challenging from both an esthetics and functionality standpoint. In trying to optimize the fit and look from the first moment, the team at Watersedge Dental Laboratory works closely with their clients throughout the multiple stages of preparation – preliminary impressions, final impressions, try-in and case delivery. We take those opportunities to improve on the design and maximize the comfort and utility that the patient gets from the moment the case is delivered.

Partial Dentures Utilizing the Latest Digital Frame Printing Technology

The careful and selective integration of some of today’s leading technological advancements into the manufacturing protocols at Watersedge Dental Lab keeps both our products and our clients on the cutting-edge. Unlike waxed or printed plastic frames which still require investing and casting, the elimination of the lost wax casting technique in the production of our partial denture frameworks is a clear example of how minimizing historic production variables can increase the predictability of the outcome. Laser sintering of Health Canada approved dental alloys for our cast partial frameworks delivers the precision and material stability that our clients have come to expect.

Sportsguard for Light and High Impact Activities

The fit and function of lab fabricated and dentist delivered sportsguards cannot be matched with over-the-counter alternatives. We offer solutions that will address the needs of athletes that are looking for the best protection available with a higher level of comfort, whether engaged in extreme impact sports or less hazardous forms of physical activity. Additionally, the turnaround on these cases will meet the accelerated timelines that athletes and parents can sometimes expect.

Nightguards and Bruxism Appliances (hard acrylic, soft acrylic, laminate and hard/soft)

We offer a full lineup of nightguard and bruxism appliances that simultaneously meet the preferences of the patient as well as the needs of the treatment. Whether a ‘workhorse’ hard acrylic nightguard is indicated or a soft appliance that offers exceptional comfort, Watersedge has the answer. Perhaps a perfect marriage of both worlds is in order with the use of a hard/soft nightguard. Whatever your preferred material, design or functional scheme, it can be found at Watersedge.

Bleaching and Fluoride Trays

We offer customized take home bleaching and fluoride trays to assist with in-office or at home treatments. Contact us to see how we support our clients who offer this service promotionally as part of practice development.

Removable Essix-Style Temporary Restorations

We offer quick delivery of these temporary restorative solutions. We strive to maximize functionality and balance esthetics in spite of the relatively short lifespan of most removable Essix-style restorations. There are several benefits to this clear retainer-style of temporary restoration, namely:

  • Comfort
  • Quick delivery
  • Durability
  • Secondary benefit of acting as a retainer
  • Can protect the area in which implants are placed

Orthotic Appliances

We work with many dentists in their efforts to eliminate the chronic and often debilitating symptoms and pain associated with TMD. No matter where the client has received their TMJ training, our awareness of all the principles involved allows for us to work closely with these practices. From the diagnostic phase through temporary and fixed orthotics and on to the delivery of permanent restorations, we partner with our doctors in their efforts to have patients experience the difference that a properly functioning occlusal system can offer.

Same Day Denture Repair/Reline Service Available

For some people, the trauma associated with not having their dentures is a very real issue. Emergency repairs, relines and alterations are completed in lab and returned to your office as quickly as possible. To enquire about or schedule a “same-day” denture case please contact our office directly.


Watersedge Dental Lab

On Site Scanning and Design

CAD/CAM technologies are quickly becoming more integrated into both the dental laboratory and operatory setting. The technologies increase the efficiency of many processes through elimination of difficult to control variables and yet yield the same or superior results to what the traditional approach would have. Navigating the increasingly fast paced world of our industry’s changing landscape can be a challenge. Watersedge is committed to careful selection of the technologies that we utilize and recommend.

Partnering with Watersedge is a reliable asset that allows our clients to move calmly and confidently into the future.

iTero Certified Partner Laboratory

If you have integrated the iTero scanning technology into your practice, we can help you fully leverage the system and maximize its value. Watersedge is an iTero Certified Partner Laboratory.

Sirona Connect Certified Lab Partner

In addition to utilizing Sirona Connect orders for crowns and bridges, we can also use the inLab system to create custom abutments and models on the basis of digital impressions.

Digital Image Capture for Design Approval Available

A picture can speak a thousand words. We can digitally capture an image of your case prior to fabricating a restoration or appliance and send it to you for review. The digital age in which we live has provided the ability to communicate with our clients like never before. Excellent communication leads to predictable results. One of our favourite quotes at Watersedge comes from George Bernard Shaw “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”.

LAVA™ Zirconia Utilized Exclusively

When providing Zirconia based restorations, Watersedge offers Lava™ Plus crowns and bridges exclusively. Our technical experts have found that when working with 3M Lava in particular, we are able to achieve truly stunning results that are both esthetically appealing and feature lifelike anatomy. Remarkable results have been achieved in the advancement of the esthetic value of our full contour Zirconia offerings thanks to the enhanced translucency of LAVA Plus. We invite you to explore 3M’s website directly where details on the high strength and esthetics of the Zirconia can be found.


Watersedge Dental Lab

Many of our general practitioners include orthodontics in the core services of their practice. In order to fully cater to their needs, Watersedge Dental Laboratory offers orthodontic laboratory services.

Full line of orthodontic appliances

We offer a full lineup of custom ortho appliances to address the full range of services that are provided by the dentists that we work with. Contact us for your specific needs.

Clear retainer trays

We fabricate clear retainer trays at a cost-effective rate that can be used once the primary course of orthodontic treatment is complete.

All Ceramic

Watersedge Dental Lab

We offer a range of ceramic crown and bridge restorations that can meet our clients’ functional and esthetic requirements as well as their own personal preferences. We work with the systems of a number of different manufacturers to provide the selections that our clients demand.

e.max Press and Mill Available

We make the IPS e.Max system available to our clients that would like to have their restorations either pressed or milled with this innovative all-ceramic system. The e.Max Press system is used to create single tooth restorations ranging from veneers, bridges (up to three units), to inlays, onlays and crowns. The lithium dissilicate glass ceramic allows for excellent and natural esthetics while providing incredible durability and strength. E.Max has indeed “Changed everything”.

The CAD/CAM milling technique allows for the same materials to be used in the digital milling process.

For more information on this innovative system, please refer directly to the Ivoclar Vivodent site.

Layered Zirconia Restorations Utilizing LAVA Frameworks

We use the Lava™ Plus Zirconia restoration system for frameworks when the case requires the core strength of Zirconia and the esthetic vitality of layered ceramics. Results are highly functional, durable and have a high esthetic value. Applications include long-span bridges, implant restorations and anterior teeth with functional Zirconia occlusal surfaces.

Full Contour Zirconia Restorations Utilizing LAVA and LAVA Plus

The full contour Zirconia restorations are ideal when durability is essential. When first introduced years ago, full contour Zirconia was regarded only as an alternative to full metal crowns. The advancement in esthetic value now encourages the consideration of prescribing full contour Zirconia as an alternative to posterior PFM’s. Predictable and cost-effective, consider full contour Zirconia restorations made with LAVA™ Plus for your practice.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

Watersedge Dental Lab

Tried and true, the PFM crown offers the combined strength and durability of the supporting metal sub-structure and the esthetic appeal of the fused porcelain surface.

Highly aesthetic and time-proven reliability

The outer porcelain veneer allows our team to manipulate the shading and translucency precisely to accurately mimic the anatomy of the patient’s surrounding natural teeth. Having withstood the test of time, PFM restorations still make up a large segment of the fixed restorations we produce and is the “go to” product for many doctors.

Non-precious, semi-precious and precious alloy options

A wide selection of dental-grade alloy options is available to meet any specific requirement. Durability based on restorative design, and biocompatibility for sensitive patients are factors taken into consideration for alloy selection. IdentAlloy stickers with full element breakdown are included for your records with every metal-based restoration.

Combination and semi-precision attachment options available

One of the greatest benefits to the full-service philosophy and business practice at Watersedge is the ability to produce precise fitting combination cases. Crowns carefully surveyed and designed with incorporated attachments can eliminate the need for cast partial clasps. The cross-department expertise at Watersedge and active communication between the technical team during production is conducive to the exacting manufacture of these delicately engineered restorations. Precision in our manufacturing protocols results in a predictable outcome for these patient-pleasing restorations.

Full Metal Restoration

Watersedge Dental Lab

Full metal restorations, the original high-durability crown, are still a popular choice for many patients and practitioners. Their highly polished surface and seamless marginal integrity are primary reasons for the long term durability of full metal restorations. A full selection of alloy grades is available for any application.

Brilliantly Beautiful and High Performance

In spite of their inability to blend into their surroundings, full metal restorations possess an elegant beauty which has allowed this restorative option to maintain a presence despite more discrete alternatives. The careful sculpting of these restorations by the technical artisans at Watersedge allows for an accurate duplication of the surrounding tooth morphology. Precise occlusal design, even in limited clearance situations, and unparalleled marginal integrity will keep metal restorations as an important component in treatment plans for many years to come.

Non-Precious, Semi-Precious and Precious Alloy Options

Watersedge Dental Laboratory offers premium alloys from reputable manufacturers in North America, fully Health Canada approved, ensuring that treatment plans can be offered that would fit varying restorative needs.

Watersedge does not off-shore outsource our manufacturing, which allows for the strict oversight of materials used to manufacture our offerings. Your patients deserve nothing but the very best, and so do you. Your patients trust you to be sure of the safety of what you are delivering, and you can trust in Watersedge.

Diagnostic Waxup

Watersedge Dental Lab

Watersedge Dental Laboratory works closely with our clients during the treatment planning phase of complicated or cosmetically-sensitive cases. Pre-treatment diagnostic wax-ups ensure that all of the appropriate and necessary planning and preparatory work is completed prior to bur meeting tooth. We develop beautiful wax-ups for case study, temporary fabrication, preparation guides, implant surgical guides and also as the single most powerful tool for patient presentation.

Wax-up for Case Presentation and Study

In cases where it is required or desired, Watersedge Dental Laboratory can provide the wax-ups that allow for the envisioned and predicted smile to be presented to the patient. Pre-treatment study models, a specific treatment plan, bite registrations, portrait photographs and any insight into your patient’s expectations allow for an accurate development of the diagnostic. Careful attention is paid to the functional occlusal scheme to ensure that we depict a realistic view of the expected outcome. Full diagnostic reports are included with every completed case, highlighting not only the treatment applied, but also items you should be aware of as we move forward with the treatment. Try the diagnostic wax-up services at Watersedge and watch your treatment acceptance rates elevate even higher.

Advanced Case Consultation

When cases require it, we offer advanced case consultation services. During this process, we examine the study models and then explore and discuss with the client the different treatment alternatives in an effort to identify the optimal solution. In some cases, a follow-up consultation directly with a patient allows for further exploration of the recommended solutions. Advanced case consultation can take place at our modern facility or at your practice, whichever is indicated or most convenient.

Estimates Provided

Once a treatment plan has been selected, we can provide written estimates to your office for the information of your patient or for submission of pre-treatment approval from their insurance provider.

Custom Shade and Stain

Watersedge Dental Lab

Crown manufacture is a delicate blend of science and artistry. At the core of the craft, we develop solutions that are functionally optimized and viable for the long term. Strides in technology have now allowed us to truly focus on esthetics as much functionality. In order to achieve the optimal end result, we recreate lifelike shading and anatomy that doesn’t simply look like typical teeth should, but rather like the specific teeth that surround the restoration in your patient’s mouth. It is for this reason that we offer and encourage you to take advantage of our Custom Shade and Custom Stain services.

Same Day Custom Shade Appointments Welcomed

We appreciate that patients who have allocated a portion of their day for their dental appointment want to have all of the details ironed out that same day. We will make every attempt to accommodate same-day Custom Shade appointment requests.

Bright, Clean, Professional and Welcoming Facility for the Ultimate in Patient Experience

We have built the consultation room in our laboratory with your patients in mind. We are very much aware that your patients’ experiences in our facility reflects upon your practice, and so we have taken great care to ensure the space is bright, warm and inviting and that our team is trained to handle your patients with respect, appreciation and professionalism. Infection control procedures and a high level of cleanliness during the appointment are aspects of the experience that all patients expect and deserve. In short, we deliver a full extension of the professional experience they have had in your office.

In-Office Custom Shade Service Available (additional fee applies)

In special instances of limited patient mobility, it is our pleasure to provide a Custom Shade appointment at your office. In order to properly schedule one of the members of our Ceramic team, pre-booking of in office Custom Shading is required. Please contact the laboratory for additional information.

Customer Service

Watersedge Dental Lab

Tying in to the delivery of the actual cases is the delivery of a positive customer experience. Robert Waters, Suzanne Waters and Leo Boersch feel very strongly about the integration of premium customer service into their vision when launching Watersedge Dental Laboratory. It is their goal that this focus on customer service is evident from the moment that a client calls in, to well after the case is delivered to the patient.

Family Owned and Operated With a Focus on “Old Fashioned” Customer Service

The concept of a family business brings with it the notion of highly personalized care. This is exactly what we strive towards every day. Our “Old Fashioned” approach to customer care starts with caring for our own team and inevitably extends outwards to the clients, their support team and patients. We never lose sight that efforts to have our clients “Experience the Calm” must extend well beyond the delivered products.

Owners on Site to Address any Concerns Immediately

With Watersedge Dental Laboratory, there is no concern about finding the right person to speak to when a concern develops. Proudly locally owned and operated with proprietors on site, your questions or concerns will be immediately addressed.

Visa/Mastercard Accepted for Your Statement Settlement

You can take advantage of your credit card reward program by settling your account with Watersedge using either Visa or Mastercard. Contact our Administration for details on how you can start enjoying the simplicity and benefit of this service.

Online Customer Access to Pick up Service and Ongoing Case Status (coming soon)

We have been working to integrate an online service that will allow individual case progress to be monitored from the moment that the request is submitted to the moment that it is delivered. Nothing instills confidence more than real-time information! Details coming soon!

Accounts Payable / Receivable

Watersedge Dental Lab

It seems as though listing Accounts Payable and Receivable under areas of expertise may seem somewhat unnecessary. The fact of the matter is that accurate accounting has a huge impact in terms of the effort that is required of your practice’s team in terms of confirming invoices. On-site records and a highly responsive Administrative team at Watersedge will get any questions settled immediately to minimize the impact on your office.

Experience the Calm

Watersedge Dental Lab

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of the dental practices that we work with. We play a critical role and we know that this role consists of more than simply dental appliance manufacturing. It is a given fact that as partners in the process, we must deliver exceptional quality on the clinical side. Beyond that however, we must provide active and ongoing customer support while our implants, restorations, orthotics and other products are being used in a dental practice. We must ensure that we fully leverage the expertise and experience that we have accrued to simplify the lives of dental teams that choose to partner with us. Finally, we must deliver the products and support with a consistent, reliable and exceptional calibre of service.

When all three elements (product, service and support) come together, our clients can confidently focus their attention on what matters most in their practice, the patient in the chair.

Shipping and Delivery

Watersedge Dental Lab

Shipping and delivery is an extremely important and yet sometimes overlooked element in our industry. It is one of the details that, if undetected, is being executed properly. It goes without saying that we adhere strictly to the delivery schedules that we promise. Beyond the timeliness of the service, we train our drivers to be minimally intrusive, professional and courteous.

  • Your patients will not notice us
  • Your administrative staff will look forward to their interactions with our on-staff couriers

Your clinical team will know that all efforts will be made to ensure that the integrity of your schedule will not be compromised by a delayed delivery

Replacement Program

Watersedge Dental Lab

Inevitably, there are times when a lab case will need to be repaired or replaced after treatment is completed. Things happen, and when they do we work closely with our clients to minimize the hardship and/or cost related to repair or replacement.

Tracking Orders (coming soon)

We use online-accessible software that allows our clients to keep track of all of their outstanding cases. Practices can log in and see the status of their lab work as well as the delivery date. Early completion of a case may allow an office to take advantage of a schedule opening, maximizing your productive time. Real-time delivery data allows for that type of on-the-spot schedule adjustment.

Chairside Assistance

Watersedge Dental Lab

Being in an operatory with a difficult case, or performing a technique that is fairly new to the practice, can be daunting . Sensitive to that type of development, we offer clients that we work with chairside assistance as part of our extended service offerings. Our presence is discrete and we adapt our approach to meet the requirements of each individual customer and each unique situation. Our level of involvement ranges from that of a one-time passive observer to that of an occasional technical consultant or extra set of hands.

This service has proven to be extremely popular and has helped a number of practices to make the expansion of provided services a simple and confident process. Contact us at 613-680-6016 or via email at info@watersedgedentallab.com to find out more about this service.

Treatment Consultation

Watersedge Dental Lab

Certain cases lend themselves well to a consultative approach, especially when a patient can benefit from a third party input. We work in collaboration with a number of practices to help their patients better understand and become more comfortable with what to expect as the treatment proceeds. We have held these consultations directly at our clients’ practice or at our facility if preferred.

Our team members are comfortable in their role as educators. We have a number of samples and materials at our disposal to convey important points to patients who don’t have the benefit of a dental background when reviewing their treatment and considering their options. We have a private, bright and clean consultation room at the laboratory for this type of meeting.

360 Imaging for Tooth, Mucosa, and Bone-Supported Surgical Guides

Watersedge Dental Lab

360Guide is a custom made surgical guide for each patient’s clinical situation allowing highly accurate drilling and implant placement according to the digital surgical treatment plan. 360Guide is there to guarantee more efficient and comfortable implant surgery, both for you and your patients. 360 surgical guides are available for all current implant systems.

We welcome you to meet with either of our certified technicians, Shawn Parisien and Jason Bowles, at any time either to discuss a specific treatment plan or to answer any questions you may have about our guided surgery options.

Increase Predictability and Safety

360Guide helps you to predictably transfer your treatment plan into clinical reality. Complete information about the quality and quantity of the bone makes it possible for you to determine the ideal location for your patient's implants. This will increase the probability for a successful procedure. Knowledge of the exact location of important anatomy, such as the mandibular nerve and the maxillary sinus cavities, provide confidence that implant placement will proceed smoothly and safely. Surgical guides help ensure that all of your patient's implants are properly placed using all of this valuable information.

Benefits & Features

Used in conjunction with a patients CT scan, 360dps pre-surgical treatment planning software is designed to make implant insertions faster, easier, safer, and more precise. 3D CBCT data contains more information than conventional 2D radiographs. This additional information, together with the surgical template, gives you confidence during the surgical procedure. Furthermore, guided surgery allows for performing minimally invasive surgery which may result in a less painful procedure for the patient.

Watersedge Dental Lab

Unparalleled Ease of Use

The 360dps user-friendly interface guides you through a logical path for every treatment plan. In just a few simple steps you will be able to plan to the most complicated implant cases.

Enhanced Diagnostics

Careful diagnostics through the use of 3D imaging information facilitates an optimal assessment of bone and prosthetic issues, coordination of the entire treatment team (including the dental lab), and clear communication to the patient. This leads to a treatment that delivers high predictability, safety and esthetic results.

Effective Treatment Planning

With 360dps, all important decisions may be considered prior to surgery. Using 3D CBCT scan data you can diagnose, plan, and perform dental implant rehabilitations with increased predictability, patient comfort and superior esthetic results. With 360dps, diagnostics and treatment planning are made prior to surgery.


Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, it can be accurately translated into a surgical template that is designed and ordered from the production facility in Atlanta, Georgia. 360 surgical guides facilitate safe, minimally invasive surgery that results in less patient pain, reduced swelling and shortened healing times.

3shape D2000 Scanner and Design Software

Our 3Shape Dental System™ is the ultimate tool for 3D scanning, CAD design, order management and interfaces to essentially all manufacturing equipment and materials.

3Shape offers technology-leading dental scanners for 3D scanning of both physical impressions and gypsum models. The D2000 scanner is capable of providing the accuracy and detail required for full-arch bridges and implant bars. Unique technology features include 5.0 MP cameras, adaptive impression scanning, and texture-capture capabilities. Full integration with 3Shape’s design software ensures the optimal scan-to-design workflow at Watersedge.

Implant bars and bridges represent the most accuracy-demanding indication. Complementing the ISO standard, 3Shape additionally validates scan accuracy using specially designed implant objects.

Watersedge Dental Lab

D2000 Dental Lab Desktop Scanner

  • 4 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multi-line
  • Accuracy: 5 μm (ISO) / 8 μm (Implant bar)
  • Die scan time: 15 sec
  • Full arch scan time: 25 sec
  • Color texture scanning
  • No need for separate die scan*All-in-one scanning: room for 2 models
    Implant bars and bridges represent the most accuracy-demanding indication. Complementing the ISO standard, 3Shape additionally validates scan accuracy using specially designed implant objects.

The new D2000 multi-line scanner captures multiple scan lines in a single shot for high speed. All-in-One scanning on the D2000 enables users to capture models, all inserted dies, and occlusion information with a single scan.

Watersedge Dental Lab

Color texture scanning enhances details

Unique texture scanning captures high-detail images of the model’s surface and precisely overlays these on the 3D model. Technicians can include hand-drawn color markings in the design process.

Nobel Procera

Watersedge Dental Lab

NobelProcera System uses a specific scan process for each product type. Together with unique conoscopic technology, this ensures high scanning precision to prevent costly errors.

Being able to digitize model surface information such as soft tissue and diagnostic tooth setup means early planning stage involvement. What's more, it also means we can prevent prosthetic challenges occurring at a later stage.

Using built-in material and production parameters, the software will alert us if our design doesn't meet the minimum requirements for longevity and product performance.

Abutments, implant bridges, implant bars, crowns and bridges –can be designed in one complete software system. The software is continuously updated to support new innovations and workflows.

We are able to process even larger and more complex cases without compromising results thanks to the combination of unique conoscopic technology, and the latest scanning software. The NobelProcera 2G System ensures high-quality scan data, allowing us to deliver consistently high quality restorations to each and every customer.

With the introduction of Nobel Biocare’s integrated digital treatment workflow, we are able to collaborate with clinicians diagnosing and planning implant surgeries with the NobelClinician Software. We can digitize intraoral surface information such as soft tissue and diagnostic tooth set-up with our NobelProcera 2G System and offer this high-precision data digitally to NobelClinician users through “NobelConnect”. This efficient work flow enables better implant diagnostics, reducing prosthetic challenges after implant placement to ensure the best possible treatment outcome.

We are able to accept intra-oral scan data from clinicians using iTero® and TRIOS®

Nobel Clinician

Watersedge Dental Lab

NobelClinician is now fully operational at Watersedge Dental Laboratory. Experience a truly visual way to achieve optimal treatment results. NobelClinician is a user-friendly solution for diagnostics, treatment planning and patient communication. It uses state-of-the-art technologies to help dental professionals improve all aspects of dental implant treatment. NobelClinician combines your patients CBCT scan and a powerful diagnostic and design software platform to allow you to treatment plan and place implants in virtual reality.

NobelClinician has empowered clients to move ahead with implant treatment at a level of comfort and security that they have thoroughly enjoyed, and now you too can take advantage of the new ‘gold standard’ in treatment planning without the sizable investment required to bring this type of tool into your practice. We have reserved a quiet corner of the Laboratory for you to accommodate NobelClinician case planning and consultation. On receipt of your patients’ CBCT scan you may opt to come to our facility and, working shoulder-to-shoulder with one of our two certified NobelClinician technicians, treatment plan and virtually place implants. You may also choose to have our certified technicians work up the case on your behalf, submitting it to you for final approval. At that completion of the virtual plan, you may opt to proceed “free-hand” with your surgery or select one of two surgical guides to be produced according to the specifications of your plan, either partially guided (2mm pilot hole) or fully guided.

We welcome you to meet with either of our NobelClinician technicians, Shawn Parisien and Jason Bowles, at any time either to discuss a specific treatment plan or to answer any questions you may have about our NobelClinician service.

For more information on how you can benefit from the latest evolution in implant therapy, please call Watersedge at 613.680.6016 and we’ll be happy to help answer any question you may have.

Axis Machining for Smoother Production

Watersedge Dental Lab

The DWX-51D is a smooth and steady ball screw-driven machine capable of milling complex restorations. It operates on X, Y, and Z axes – simultaneously rotating blocks and discs. Tilting on the B axis it supports deep undercuts and the complex milling of large arch restorations and other full-mouth prosthetics.

Economical Open Architecture

The open architecture of the DWX-51D allows you to work with the latest materials, CAD/CAM software and scanners, without needing to rely on a single source.

Distinguishing Features

  • 5-axis simultaneous milling for precision milling
  • Steady and efficient ball screw-driven operation
  • New C-shape clamp for easy adjustment and alignment
  • 10-station Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) for continuous milling
  • Powerful vacuum and anti-static ionizer for clean calibration and dust reduction

For thirty years, Roland DG has been the trusted provider of milling machines that are built to last. The DWX-51D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine is no exception. After extensive research in which lab technicians were asked what they needed in a production mill, the DWX-51D was developed to enhance user experience, maximize ease-of-use and improve output quality. Built with a simple and modern design, the DWX-51D looks as effortless as it operates.

Dental Wings Scanner and Design Software

Watersedge Dental Lab

CAD Software

Dental Wings’ Crown & Bridge application is the foundation of prosthetic design within DWOS. Its extensive capabilities provide both very simple and efficient workflows as well as flexible tools to meet the most demanding dental situations, allowing Watersedge lab technicians to exercise their full creativity.

DWOS Crown & Bridge application includes a multitude of features to conceive all types of crown restorations:

  • Full contour crowns and bridges
  • Copings and bridge frameworks
  • Telescopic crowns (parallel axis groups)
  • Anatomical telescopes
  • 3/4 crowns with retention beads
  • Inlays, onlays and veneers
  • Overpressed crowns and bridges
  • Hollow pontics
  • Attachments
  • Post & core

Dental Wings scanner

The 3Series scanner is a compact device with cutting-edge technology for desktop use. Powered by a 64-bit processor and a high-speed measuring camera, it rapidly produces high quality scans of full arch models and wax-ups within a 90 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm chamber.

Watersedge Dental Lab

The 3Series highlights

  • High precision scanning of models (including wax-ups)
  • On-board computer with 64-bit processor
  • High productivity through automatic scan and design wizards
  • Automatic multi-die mode: up to 12 elements scanned and designed in 8 minutes, unattended
  • Simultaneous opposing arch design
  • Flexible design capabilities: add additional DWOS® CAD applications as needed


Watersedge Dental Lab

We have used the space on our site to give you a general overview of Watersedge Dental Laboratory, our core competencies, the services that we offer and the approach that we take. The information housed herein is by no means exhaustive and we encourage you to schedule some time to discuss your needs and how we may be able to cater to them.

Give us a call at 613-680-6016 or send us an email at info@watersedgedentallab.com and take the first step towards taking uncertainty out of the equation.

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Quality Assurance

Leo Boersch RDT – lboersch@watersedgedentallab.com

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Introducing Intraoral Scanning and the CS 3500 Join us for a presentation and hands-on demonstration.

January 20, 2016

Learn how easy it is to acquire and share true color 2D and 3D images with a direct USB Connection, no trolley and an open architecture for simplified image sharing. Digital Dentistry will never be the same. Ask about our scanner rental program.

Register today! Call Watersedge Dental Lab 613-680-6016. Light dinner will be available.

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