Dentures in Ottawa

Watersedge Dental Laboratory utilizes advanced technology and a wealth of expertise to craft custom dentures of the highest quality for dentists in Ottawa and across North America.

Thanks to an aging population and other factors, the demand for dentures has grown steadily despite expectations that requests would decline due to the popularity of dental implants and restoration. 

Watersedge addresses all tooth replacement needs, including the fabrication of complete and partial dentures in Ottawa. We also offer essential guidance to our dental partners seeking to regain or expand their denture expertise.

We enhance the patient care experience and deliver the highest quality Ottawa denture services.

"A collective of the most talented and passionate people I have ever known. The atmosphere of teamwork is treasured and comes through in all things we do and present to the world. A special sense of joy and pride is always in the air. "

Denture Services

Watersedge Dental Laboratory employs advanced technology to craft both primary denture types, full dentures and partial dentures.

Full Dentures: 

Full dentures are designed to replace all missing teeth on the upper or lower arch. Complete upper arch dentures achieve stability through suction, while gravity holds lower arch complete dentures in place.

Partial Dentures: 

Removable partial dentures restore a patient’s natural appearance by addressing the absence of specific teeth within an arch. Partials can accommodate up to 15 missing teeth while retaining at least one natural tooth. Partial dentures are anchored using various mechanisms, including rests, clasps, and retainers that interact with existing natural teeth. If the patient retains healthy natural teeth, we design dentures to securely attach to these teeth, enhancing overall stability and comfort.

The major connector—or primary portion of the partial that holds the teeth in place—can be crafted from a range of materials.

Cast Partial Denture (Metal): The most common type of partial denture is the cast partial denture.

Often made using materials such as cast chrome cobalt or, more frequently, titanium (due to its inert nature and environmentally conscious properties), these removable partial dentures can be pricier due to material and labour costs.

Acrylic Partial Denture: An acrylic partial denture is made entirely from acrylic resin, offering a lightweight and lower-cost option. Yet, compared to a cast partial denture, they are weaker and less resilient against impacts and functional challenges. As a result, major connector portions of acrylic partials must be thicker, which can lead to discomfort, interfere with tongue position, and may trigger a gag reflex in some cases. Although considered less comfortable, they are often chosen due to budget constraints or as immediate dentures that serve as a transitional solution.

Flexible Partial (Nylon-based): Also referred to as Flexite or Valplast partials, the primary connector of a flexible partial denture is made from nylon-based material, which enhances its pliability and comfort compared to acrylic. A limitation of flexible partials is the inability to easily accommodate future changes to an existing denture, such as potential tooth loss.


Watersedge Lab covers all facets of denture design and construction. Should you have any questions or concerns about material choice, we’re happy to provide guidance to ensure you achieve the most optimal results for your patients.

Traditional Dentures vs. Digital Dentures

Traditional Dentures:

A staple in restorative dentistry, traditional dentures are crafted by technicians utilizing physical impressions of a patient’s mouth. A mould accurately captures all soft tissues and structures in the mouth, including the loaded soft tissue, which plays a crucial role in achieving proper fit and suction for secure denture retention. 

Traditional dentures are typically made from acrylic resin with a metal framework. At Watersedge, we prefer Lucitone 199 acrylic for its exceptional quality. While there are less expensive acrylics available, these options fall short regarding aesthetics. Using Lucitone acrylics, we can precisely match each patient’s unique gum tissue tone, ensuring a natural look. In addition, Lucitone 199’s veined acrylic appearance makes it remarkably lifelike when placed in the mouth, providing both functionality and aesthetics.

Digital Dentures:

Digital dentures are crafted using advanced technology, such as intraoral scanners, 3D printers, and CAD/CAM software, to design and fabricate customized removable dentures. A 3D digital scan of the patient’s oral cavity is captured, providing a highly accurate representation of the mouth. CAD/CAM technology is then employed to design the denture digitally, and milling machines are used to produce digital dentures.

At Watersedge, we are very enthusiastic about digital dentistry, and we’ve seamlessly incorporated it into our workflow for partial dentures. However, we’re eagerly looking forward to future advancements before fully embracing the digital process for full dentures. This cautious approach reflects our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest quality standards for both you and your patients. 

Currently, digital denture technology for full dentures has its limitations. For example, a digital scan does not capture loaded soft tissue, which can cause challenges in achieving proper suction. Additionally, as part of the digital milling process, teeth must be glued into individual sockets on the base, creating a layered product. This raises concerns about potential failures at the interface between the acrylic, glue, and denture teeth. In contrast, analog methods embed denture teeth within the acrylic, resulting in a more robust and homogeneous structure that is less prone to failure. Also, material constraints can compromise the desired natural-looking veined aesthetic.

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality product to your patients, and traditional analog methods currently offer superior reliability and aesthetics for complete dentures. If you have any questions about the best choice for your patients, please contact us.

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Denture Repair

We’re also well-versed in handling various denture repair scenarios and understand the urgency your patients experience when experiencing denture challenges.

When you encounter a damaged denture, simply reach out to Watersedge. We’ll coordinate the logistics of picking up the denture, performing the necessary repairs, and arranging delivery back to you. This procedural flow ensures that our dental partners maintain oversight throughout the entire process.

Denture Repair Turnaround Time

Many denture repairs involve front teeth, causing significant distress for your patients who are hesitant to go without them for long. We make every effort to expedite the process and return Ottawa dentures promptly, typically within one day.

Note: Effective communication is crucial to ensure a swift turnaround for denture repairs, especially when special circumstances arise.

Request Dentures from Our Ottawa Lab

To request removable dentures from Watersedge, we require the following:

  1. Impressions (and/or a Digital Scan)
  2. Prescription
  3. Consultation (if needed)

Denture cases typically start with preliminary impressions, which provide us with an initial understanding of the patient’s oral situation. Upon receiving the models and your prescription, we evaluate the patient’s specific needs and determine a course of action. At your request, we’ll either conduct a consultation over the phone or proceed with designing more straightforward cases.

Tips for Taking Impressions

Impressions for Partials: Polyvinyl is widely known as a fairly difficult material to work with and often uncomfortable for patients. Thus, we suggest using alginate paired with perforated metal trays when taking impressions for partials. Alginate sets without requiring strong suction, making removal from the patient’s mouth a much smoother process.

Impressions for Full Dentures: Custom trays are recommended for complete dentures, and should be used with polyvinyl for better soft tissue adaptation. They also serve as a valuable alternative for partial dentures when perforated metal trays are either unavailable or cost-prohibitive.

Partnership and Collaboration With Ottawa Dentists

With an unwavering focus on elevating care and treatment outcomes, Watersedge Dental Lab has solidified its reputation as a leading provider of dentures in Ottawa. 

A Trusted Resource for Dentures in Ottawa

By combining the latest technologies with expert craftsmanship and a rigorous quality control process, Watersedge consistently produces the highest-quality dentures in Ottawa.

We build strong relationships with our dental partners and are happy to provide technical and diagnostic guidance. Please feel free to contact us at any time; our skilled team is ready to answer your questions free of charge.


Unfortunately, due to insurance and liability considerations, this is not possible. We pick up all dentures, make the necessary repairs, and deliver them back to your office—usually within a swift, often one-day, turnaround.

For patients who have allergies or experience galvanic reactions to chrome cobalt, we craft their removable partial denture using either titanium or acrylic materials.

No, the pricing landscape for denture services has evolved. Denturists and denture clinics charge rates that are comparable to or even higher than those of traditional dentists.

Yes, we are more than happy to design a framework for you, and the good news is that we do not charge for design or consultation services. We only charge for successfully completed products. Watersedge believes that providing consultation and partial design services at no cost is the most effective way to ensure a successful outcome.

No, Watersedge does not charge for the first reset. If you decide that changes are needed after receiving the initial setup with your chosen shade and mould, we will gladly redo it all at no additional cost. However, a fee is charged for any subsequent resets.

Why Choose Watersedge as Your Preferred Denture Lab

Watersedge recognizes both the urgency of your denture cases and the importance of precise fabrication. We’ve developed extensive denture expertise over decades, focusing on production, fitting and maintenance. Our reputation is built on skilled craftsmanship, excellent customer service, an unwavering commitment to quality, and timely delivery.

Comprehensive Support and Service

At Watersedge, we’ve tailored our procedures with dental practitioners in mind.

Our primary goal is to save you precious time. To streamline communication, we’ve designated four Quality Assurance associates as your direct points of contact. These team members are readily available and responsive, with access to all cases we handle.

Moreover, as you encounter denture cases, we offer essential guidance to help you effectively meet the changing demands of your patients.