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Frequently Asked Questions

We do accommodate same-day denture repairs for our local clients. If you request a pick-up before 10:00 AM, we will have it back in your office by 3:00 PM. Call to confirm that you are eligible for this service.

Absolutely. Call us to discuss a particular case. If our workflow allows for it, we will process the rush case immediately. We will work on your case as fast as possible, but due to unforeseen variables in production, and a rushed timeline, there may be some delays. Quality and predictability remain a priority when working with rush cases.

Our CAD/CAM department accepts scans from all intra-oral scanners.

None of our appliances contain BPA's. All of the materials we work with are Health Canada approved.

Give us a call and tell us about the situation. We can come to your practice with our tools and expertise. Our experienced team will brainstorm on your behalf to offer a solution to the issue.

Custom shades help to ensure the colour gets matched the first time correctly. It can pay dividends to have a shade selection done by a professional ceramist, in a properly lit environment. Minor changes to the crown can be made on-site at the time of the visit. Having a custom shade can reduce remakes and save the patient from unnecessary freezing.

We will take and schedule pick-up calls until 3:00 PM EST. If we receive a call after 3:00 PM, we may request a next day AM pick-up. Pick-ups that get pushed to the following day will receive a priority status.

We schedule appointments throughout the day. Call us to see if your desired time is available. We can accommodate same-day appointments if there is an opening.

Absolutely not. We only use name brand recognized products. All of our implant components are same on same as well.

If there are no significant adjustments to do, it takes two full days in the laboratory to process a denture.

Your cases must be safe in transit. Please help us to avoid any breakage by:

  • Use small boxes or bags for small items.
  • Use bubble wrap on bites
  • Use bubble wrap around models and articulators.
  • Ensure that wet items get sealed tightly.
  • Pack case to withstand a 3 ft drop.
  • Please disinfect all items you’re sending us.

We need three full days with the partial. Occasionally, however, patients may not want to be without their partial. We can pick the partial up at their homes in the morning and drop it off in the afternoon. (Within a reasonable distance to the lab.)