From our welcoming Administrative staff to our knowledgeable technical experts, Watersedge is here to provide you with all the support you need to operate with confidence.

Whether you need a hands-on technician chairside to guide you through a new procedure, or someone to walk you through the step-by-step plan of a complicated treatment, our team is standing by. We are available to you by phone, email, or in-office. Come by our facility in person for our ‘peek behind the curtain’ tour and a head-to-head brainstorming session.

When you partner with Watersedge, taking your skills and practice to the next level is easier than ever.

Family Owned and Operated

With a Focus on “Old Fashioned” Customer Service

The concept of a family business brings the notion of highly personalized care, and we strive towards that every day. Our “Old Fashioned” approach to customer care starts with caring for our team and inevitably extends outwards to the clients, their support team and patients. We never lose sight that efforts to have our clients “Experience the Calm” must extend well beyond the delivered products.

Owners on Site to Address any Concerns Immediately

With Watersedge Dental Laboratory, there is no concern about finding the right person to speak to when a matter develops. Proudly locally owned and operated with proprietors on-site, your questions or concerns will get immediately addressed.

Visa/Mastercard Accepted for Your Statement Settlement

You can take advantage of your credit card reward program by settling your account with Watersedge using either Visa or Mastercard. Contact our Administration for details on how you can start enjoying the simplicity and benefit of this service.

Accounts Payable / Receivable

It seems as though listing Accounts Payable and Receivable under areas of expertise may seem somewhat unnecessary. Accurate accounting has a significant impact on your team’s effort in terms of confirming invoices. On-site records and a highly responsive Administrative team at Watersedge will get any questions settled immediately to minimize the impact on your office.

Chairside Assistance

Being in an operatory with a difficult case, or performing a new technique, can be daunting. Sensitive to that type of development, we offer clients that we work with chairside assistance as part of our extensive service offerings. Our presence is discrete, and we adapt our approach to meet each customer’s requirements and unique situation. Our level of involvement ranges from a one-time passive observer to that of an occasional technical consultant or an extra set of hands.

This service has proven to be extremely popular and has helped several practices to expand provided services with a confident and straightforward process. Contact us at 613-680-6016 or via email at to find out more about this service.

Treatment Consultation

Certain cases lend themselves well to a consultative approach, especially when a patient can benefit from third-party input. We collaborate with several practices to help their patients increase their understanding and comfort with what to expect as the treatment proceeds. We have held these consultations directly at our clients’ practice, and we can host them at our facilities if preferred.

Our team members are comfortable in their role as educators. We have many samples and materials at our disposal to convey essential points to patients who don’t benefit from a dental background when reviewing their treatment and considering their options.We have a private, bright and clean consultation room at the laboratory for this type of meeting.