Clear Aligners

Watersedge Dental Laboratory provides clear aligner solutions to dentists across Ottawa and North America. Our ClearWaters aligners are crafted in-house, ensuring meticulous quality control and swift turnaround times.

Leveraging advanced technology and deep dental expertise, we fabricate clear aligners at a favourable price. This enables us to meet the growing demand for a discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional braces. 

With ClearWaters, patients experience an exceptional outcome without the inconvenience of unsightly wires and metal brackets or frequent maintenance appointments.

"A collective of the most talented and passionate people I have ever known. The atmosphere of teamwork is treasured and comes through in all things we do and present to the world. A special sense of joy and pride is always in the air. "

Clear Aligner Services in Ottawa

Watersedge is a clear aligners lab offering a solution similar to Invisalign, ClearCorrect and competing brands.

Our ClearWaters system is a series of smooth, transparent plastic trays designed to comfortably and gradually shift misaligned teeth into place. Each tray is developed for a precise fit and pressure and worn in two-week increments to maintain continual force. The trays are fully removable for meals, easy cleaning and overall periodontal health.

Our aligners present unique benefits for dental professionals and their clients, making them an appealing option in orthodontic care.

Clear aligner

Local Production and Support: 

Watersedge ClearWaters aligners are manufactured in Ottawa by our private, family-owned and operated lab; zero outsourcing is involved. Our dedicated team is ready to assist with any questions or adjustments, ensuring a smooth and responsive treatment experience for all our clients.

Affordable Pricing: 

Watersedge Dental Laboratory offers clear aligners at a lower price than name-brand alternatives. Our tiered pricing model is flexible and cost-effective, especially for treatments requiring fewer trays.

Like Invisalign and other brands, Watersedge charges per arch (upper or lower). However, our pricing begins at just $680 for up to ten (10) trays, with incremental increases for each additional set of ten trays. 

This pricing structure is designed for clarity and affordability, distinguishing us from competitors who charge a high fixed rate for each arch, regardless of the number of trays used.

Precision and Quality: 

Our experienced Lab Manager, boasting 20 years in the field, oversees and evaluates each treatment plan with input from our skilled orthodontics specialists. This meticulous oversight streamlines procedures and minimizes interventions, resulting in consistently reliable, high-quality outcomes.

Request Clear Aligners with Watersedge

When requesting ClearWaters aligners from Watersedge Dental Laboratory, we require:

  1. Impressions or Intraoral Scans: Complete impressions or a digital scan of the upper maxilla and lower mandible to accurately capture the patient’s dental structure.
  2. Bite Registration: With knowledge of the patient’s occlusion, we can develop a treatment plan that accommodates their natural bite.
  3. Prescription: Please detail the patient’s specific aesthetic objectives and any oral health concerns related to their smile. Also, indicate if the patient is uncomfortable with interproximal reductions (IPR) or enamel removal and prefers a treatment plan that minimizes or avoids these procedures.
  4. Extraoral Photos (optional): While not mandatory, photos are highly recommended to ensure a thorough understanding of the patient’s needs. We suggest including lip-at-rest, high/full smile and profile photos that show lip support and overall facial aesthetics.
  5. Intraoral Photos (optional): Intraoral photos, x-rays, and/or a panorex provide valuable insights into the patient’s dental health and are particularly useful for detecting crowns, veneers, implants, or the presence of curved roots, which may affect treatment options.

Complimentary ClearWaters Estimate

Watersedge Dental Laboratory offers complimentary estimates for ClearWaters aligners, allowing dentists to discuss potential treatment options with their patients at no cost. This estimate includes:

  • Achievable Results: Every estimate offers an overview of achievable results based on the patient’s needs and may include a selection of treatment options, such as adjustments for one or both arches, to allow for personalized choice.
  • Preliminary Feedback: The estimate also includes initial feedback on necessary interventions, such as interproximal reductions (IPR) or composite build-ups, helping clinicians guide patients through treatment options.

Note:  If traditional impressions were provided to Watersedge, we charge a minimal fee for any model work needed to establish the estimate. This fee is waived if the patient proceeds with the treatment.

Clear aligner

Personalized Treatment Plan

Next, a fully personalized treatment plan tailored to the patient’s needs and dental structure is developed. This planning phase includes:

  1. Complete Evaluation: Our team carefully evaluates the patient’s oral health, assessing any areas of concern or necessary interventions, such as IPR.
  2. Reports and Media: We provide the clinician with the following detailed reports:
    • Movement Report: A detailed report depicting the planned tooth movements.
    • Before-and-After Images: Screenshots showcasing before-and-after views, including IPR reduction images indicating where adjustments are needed.
    • Video: A time-lapse video demonstrating the planned changes. This serves as a helpful tool for presenting the treatment to patients.
  3. Composite Build-Up Considerations: Some treatments require attachments (also referred to as composite build-ups or buttons) to facilitate tooth movement. During this planning phase, we inform clinicians if attachment points for composite buttons are necessary. (To reduce complexity and streamline the process, we include a specialized shell in the final treatment package that indicates the precise locations for composite point placement.
  4. Detailed Email: The clinician receives an email outlining key points, areas of concern, and treatment options. To initiate the fabrication of the trays, we request a reply to this email indicating approval.

Note: The planning phase includes lab fees of $100 for detailed design work. However, this charge is waived if the patient continues with treatment.

Watersedge Clear Aligner Fabrication and Delivery

Once the treatment plan is approved via email, Watersedge proceeds to fabricate the trays and models.

In-House Production: 

All stages of fabrication are handled in-house at our Ottawa lab, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency.

ClearWaters aligners are made from medical-grade, BPA-free vinyl plastic, similar to the Essix brand. This premium thermoformed plastic material is highly resistant to distortion and breakage yet maintains flexibility. The effectiveness of our clear aligners depends on the optimal application of tooth movement force; thus, we utilize advanced CAD/CAM technology to design and print each model, and our team fabricates the trays to fit the models precisely.


ClearWaters aligner trays provide the same ongoing force retention and outcome as Invisalign. Our system offers effective orthodontic treatment backed by a lab with decades of trusted service in Ottawa. Watersedge’s depth of knowledge ensures quality and precision across every aspect of our practice.

Yes, Watersedge provides comprehensive support for clinicians newly introducing clear aligners to their practice. Our team is here to guide you throughout the process, and before any work begins, you’ll receive a complimentary estimate with an overview of achievable results.

Adhering to the two-week timeframe per tray is vital to correcting misaligned teeth. It allows each tray to achieve its full potential, factoring in variations in bone density and other factors. We advise distributing two to three trays during each follow-up visit. With this approach, you can closely monitor your patient’s progress and help them adhere to the prescribed treatment plan.

Yes, in some cases, a patient’s clear aligner treatment process can be shortened. To ensure the consistent pressure produced fully achieves the desired tooth movement, Watersedge advises starting with a two-week tray interval, but the prescribed period can be shortened to approximately ten (10) days if a patient’s progress shows their teeth are highly responsive to treatment.

No, there is no need for additional impressions. Watersedge provides a detailed treatment plan indicating where and how composite buttons should be positioned, along with a laminate shell to replicate this in the patient’s mouth. 

Our team is committed to ensuring successful outcomes for our dental partners and their patients. Watersedge will work with you to rectify any issues and offer the necessary support to get the treatment back on track.

Treatment Package: 

We send a complete package containing all necessary elements for effective treatment to our dentistry partners, including:

  • Trays and Models: Unlike Invisalign, Watersedge provides all trays and models. This allows clinicians to try the trays on the models first, ensuring a proper fit. The models also serve as a tangible tool for patients, demonstrating their expected progress and motivating adherence to the treatment plan. Additionally, clinicians can use models to take an index and monitor patient progress.
  • Reports and Screenshots: Printed reports and screenshots detailing the treatment plan.
  • Composite Attachment Shell(s): If needed, a shell indicating where composite build-up buttons are required is provided.

Timing and Delivery: 

Producing our clear aligners in-house enables us to offer significantly faster turnaround times compared to competing brands. Estimates are typically provided within three business days, followed by the planning stage, finalized within five business days. After approval, fabrication requires seven to ten business days. Generally, the entire process is completed in less than four weeks.

Packages are promptly couriered to the clinician within our service area, or we are happy to ship ClearWaters aligners anywhere throughout Canada and North America.

Partnership and Collaboration With Ottawa Dentists

Our commitment to partnership and superior care results in successful patient outcomes and positively impacts your practice’s reputation.

A Trusted Resource for Clear Aligners in Ottawa

Watersedge’s reputation is built on skilled craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, unwavering quality, and timely delivery, making our lab your ideal partner for clear aligner services.

Why Choose Watersedge as Your Preferred Clear Aligner Lab

Watersedge Dental Laboratory has established itself as a premier provider of clear aligner solutions in Ottawa. 

Expertise in Clear Aligners

As a full-service dental lab, we bring years of experience and extensive knowledge to every aspect of our work. Our talented clear aligners team includes a lab manager with over 20 years of experience, dedicated technicians, and orthodontic specialists. Each case is professionally managed and optimized from start to finish, leading to reliable and high-quality outcomes.

Comprehensive Support and Service

At Watersedge, we’ve tailored our procedures with dental practitioners in mind, saving you precious time. To streamline communication, we’ve designated four Quality Assurance associates as direct points of contact. 

We also offer specialized clear aligner support to ensure you can successfully meet your practice goals and adapt to your patients’ shifting demands.