Digitally produced Clear Aligners, bruxism appliances, nightguards, sportsguards, snoring and apnea devices such as EMA appliances as well as conventional orthodontic appliances are all available at our genuine full-service laboratory.

Custom splint designs to address your patients’ particular functional requirements are a simple phone call away.


Many of our general practitioners include orthodontics in the core services of their practice. In order to fully cater to their needs, Watersedge Dental Laboratory offers orthodontic laboratory services.

Full line of orthodontic appliances

We offer a full lineup of custom ortho appliances to address the full range of services provided by the dentists we work with. Contact us for your specific needs.

The fit and function of lab fabricated, and dentist delivered sportsguards cannot be matched with over-the-counter alternatives. We offer solutions that will address the needs of athletes looking for the best protection available with a higher level of comfort, whether engaged in extreme impact sports or less hazardous forms of physical activity. Additionally, the turnaround on these cases will meet the accelerated timelines that athletes and parents can sometimes expect.

We offer a full lineup of nightguard and bruxism appliances that simultaneously meet the patient’s preferences and the needs of the treatment. Whether a ‘workhorse’ hard acrylic nightguard is indicated or a soft appliance that offers exceptional comfort, Watersedge has the answer. Perhaps a perfect marriage of both worlds is to use a hard/soft nightguard. Whatever your preferred material, design or functional scheme, you can find it at Watersedge.