Orthodontic Dental Lab In Ottawa

Watersedge Dental Laboratory designs and fabricates a full line of custom orthodontic appliances for general practitioners in Ottawa and throughout Canada.

In addition to conventional orthodontic appliances, we offer digitally produced clear aligners, bruxism appliances, night guards, sports guards, and snoring and apnea devices such as EMA appliances.

We realize your clients depend on you to straighten their teeth and ultimately create a healthy and beautiful smile. To help you deliver the best care possible, our expert technicians use the latest technology and highest quality materials to create custom appliance designs that address your patient’s functional and aesthetic requirements.

Full-Service Orthodontic Laboratory

Our full orthodontic hardware lineup includes removable and fixed appliances for patients of all ages. Many of the removable options can be personalized, allowing patients to express their unique personalities. We offer a wide variety of colours, glitters and designs.

The fit and function of lab-fabricated and dentist-delivered sports guards cannot be matched with over-the-counter alternatives. We offer solutions that address the needs of athletes looking for the best protection available with a higher level of comfort, whether engaged in extreme-impact sports or less hazardous forms of physical activity. Additionally, the turnaround on these cases will meet the accelerated timelines that athletes and parents often expect.

Our night guard and bruxism appliances are designed to simultaneously meet your patient’s preferences and the needs of the treatment. Whether a ‘workhorse’ hard acrylic night guard is indicated or a soft appliance that offers exceptional comfort is required, Watersedge has the answer. We also offer a perfect marriage of both worlds in the form of a hard/soft night guard. Whatever the preferred material, design or functional scheme, the exceptionally skilled staff at Watersedge fabricates custom-fit, durable appliances your clients will love.

Why Choose Watersedge as Your Orthodontic Laboratory?

We are dedicated to making your job easier. At Watersedge, we understand how valuable chairside time is and that your practice thrives when your patients are happy. That’s where we come in; we act as a true extension of your practice, allowing you to do what you do best—taking excellent care of your patients.

Our long-standing dental partners have come to rely on us for the highest quality orthodontic appliances, outstanding operational support, and impeccable customer service. 

From our investments in staff education and the latest technologies to the modern materials our certified dental technicians use, our entire Ottawa, Ontario, office team makes decisions with you and your patients in mind.

For these reasons, Watersedge stands apart from other dental laboratories.

Check out our services in Ontario and parts of Quebec:

Orthodontic FAQs

Obtaining an appliance from Watersedge Dental Lab is a straightforward process. Orthodontists and dentists have the option of sending us either an analog or digital case. (We do not impose a premium for digital files). Contact us to get started today.

Production time for oral appliances is seven days or less. Please contact us if you require a rush; we will do everything possible to limit or avoid patient discomfort. Thus, depending on our workflow, it may be possible to arrange same-day pick-up and return of an appliance (in the Ottawa area only).

We deliver throughout the Ottawa and Gatineau region using in-house couriers. We also work with all national and international couriers to meet the needs of dental partners that are outside this delivery area. Contact us online or call us at 613-680-6016 for more information.

In addition to a variety of hard, soft, and hybrid material night guards, we also fabricate specialty splints that address more severe bite misalignment cases.

We use industry-leading Health Canada-approved, BPA-free materials in all our fabrication processes. Our mouth guards are also latex-free.

Yes, we can source alternate materials for clients who suffer from allergic sensitivities.

Watersedge Dental Laboratory can reproduce an appliance or night guard that was fabricated at another lab. And in some cases, we may be able to integrate reinforcements into a replica. But, unfortunately, we cannot fix cracked or fully broken appliances.

We produce a number of sleep appliances, including dorsal fin appliances, elastic mandibular advancement (EMA) appliances, 3D printed mandibular advancement devices and fixed snoring appliances, that address disorders such as snoring, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), nighttime bruxism, temporomandibular disorder (TMD), or a combination of symptoms.

Watersedge is licensed to produce many patent-protected devices. If we cannot produce a specific appliance for you, we will personally reach out to the manufacturer on your behalf.