Kingston Dental Laboratory

Dentists' Best-Kept Secret: One Lab, Infinite Solutions

Watersedge is a family-owned and operated dental laboratory servicing Kingston, Ontario and the surrounding area. Our full-service commitment to our clients means that we are available for in-office visits and patient consultations. 

We use the latest technology to produce high-quality, customized dental implants and appliances for dentists throughout Ontario and North America, from Smiths Falls, ON all the way to Nova Scotia or British Columbia. 

Our vision is threefold: offering excellent and consistent dental lab work, outstanding operational support, and impeccable service. Our incredibly talented team serves as the foundation of an active and ever-growing technical expertise that allows us to deliver exceptional quality and precision clinical work with high standards of care.

"A collective of the most talented and passionate people I have ever known. The atmosphere of teamwork is treasured and comes through in all things we do and present to the world. A special sense of joy and pride is always in the air. "

Our Kingston Dental Services

No matter where you are in Kingston, we’re committed to ensuring you get the best quality products and services from us. Your dental practice might offer a wide range of procedures, and our dental laboratory will strive to serve your business and have every visit end with a smile.

Dental Implants

EMA Appliances

Sleep Appliances

Night Guards and Sports Guards

Digital Dentistry

For any teeth that are cracked, discoloured, or otherwise injured, we offer dental crowns and bridges to help restore your patients’ smiles. There are plenty of options when it comes to dental crowns and bridges, and cases can come with a wide range of complexity.

We offer a range of crown and bridge restorations that can meet our clients’ requirements and preferences. From all ceramic systems, to porcelain fused to metal (PFM), to full metal restorations, we can also provide diagnostic wax-ups during pre-treatment.

Our highly-trained technicians work with any restorative system and can help you navigate the implant selection process, from same-day dental implants to full mouth restorations.

Complete dentures can be a bit of a challenge, both from a functional and esthetic standpoint. We work closely with dentists to ensure that any denture work is properly prepared, from preliminary impression to try-ons and delivery.

Our technicians are skilled in restorative dentistry and surgical consultations, from all levels of case complexity. We value the entire process, and will be there to discuss all stages of treatment in order to ensure success in the future.

Elastic Mandibular Advancement (EMA) appliances are a noninvasive treatment for snoring. Two trays fit over the upper and lower arches and are held together by elastic bands. This is a more flexible and changeable option to rigid and fixed appliances.

Watersedge offers both laminate and Thermaflex trays. With years of knowledge and experience found on our team, we’ll help guide you in the right direction on which dental tray will be right for you.

We partner with you to produce oral sleep appliances that offer relief for your unique treatments and care plans. Our solutions are designed to help alleviate a wide array of sleep disorders, such as snoring, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), temporomandibular disorder (TMD), bruxism, or a combination thereof.

Whether you’re new to prescribing sleep devices, or have been doing so for years, we’re available to discuss which device will work best.

Precision fitting is important to ensure that a mouth guard is properly designed to effectively protect your patients’ teeth and alleviate any painful symptoms.

Our night guard solutions will give your patients relief from jaw pain, tooth sensitivity, headaches, disturbed sleep, and any other issues cause by bruxism, clenching, or TMD.

We manufacture professional-grade ProForm™ sports guards for all types of athletes. They are pressure-formed to perfectly fit around the gums and teeth, resulting in a comfortable appliance that protects well against shock without interfering with breathing, speech, or swallowing.

For our digital dental lab services, we use the latest technology to ensure your patients have the best possible restoration or appliances. Watersedge is an iTero Certified Partner Laboratory, and a Sirona Connect Certified Lab Partner. We offer on-site scanning and design with CAD/CAM technologies. This technology is able to eliminate many challenges to control variables, while increasing efficiency and yielding superior results to traditional methods.

Whether your dental office has already implemented these technologies or would like direct support and guidance as you explore new options, we’ll be able to guide you in the right direction.

About Watersedge Dental Lab Kingston

Spending time with each and every dentist we work with ensures a dental practice that can deliver even the most high risk dental procedures safely, effectively, and comfortably. We strive to deliver nothing but the best in dental experiences and techniques, and we take personal ownership of our mission and the products we produce.

We support our products with an exceptional level of service, which means we are predictable and dependable with our delivery services. We are highly responsive to any questions and concerns our clients might have, and continually invest in education that allows our team to stay up-to-date on the cutting edge of technology.

Whether you’re in Kingston, Ottawa, or anywhere else in Ontario, we’ll deliver high-quality products and services to you and your patients.

My dentist referred me to Watersedge to build a dental crown. I was impressed with their customer service and turn around time. Lana created an amazing crown, and they made sure the crown matched my teeth and verified the colour. I highly recommend!

Johnny M.